Our Transport Services

Hangon Liikenne, Friman & Co offers scheduled bustraffic and charter buses in Southern Finland . Our values ​​are: safety, reliability, friendliness and high customer satisfaction.


Our lines starts from Hanko and run on Hankoniemi and to Tammisaari and Karis. Our timetables can be found on www.frimantravel.fi.

Charter Service

We offer both domestic and international charter service. Our main area is however southern Finland. In Finland , we serve all customer groups. Foreign groups are primarily business guests and travelers visiting Western Uusimaa.


Routes, timetables and any changes are announced in our printed timetable and our webpage www.frimantravel.fi. In the timetables you can find route specific information. Our schedules are also available on Matkahuoltos website www.matkahuolto.fi. Changes in the timetable comes into effect in connection school summmer holidays in June. In case of any disturbance our duty officers is available around the clock. The duty officer will also take care of even any unpredictable changes in charter traffic.

Bus Tickets

We accept Matkahuolto bus tickets and also includes Matkahuolto information systems www.matkahuolto.fi. We accept single tickets sold in buses and at Matkahuolto. We also accept Matkahuoltos discount tickets such as Regional and Urban tickets.


Our drivers have experience in customer service and many of them speaks several languages. We train our staff continuously. All our drivers have received training in economical and ecological driving. Our technicians are continually trained and the work is done in the best possible way with the environment in mind. The buses are cleaned and washed with environmentally friendly products.

Our staff works in a way that supports our values ​​and quality objectives. Our staff gets information in the daily interaction between other drivers, supervisors and management. In emergency situations we contact staff directly.


We have 8 buses at our disposal, with places for 19 to 50 passengers. Most of the buses are equipped with air conditioning, toilet, DVD, seat belts, alcohol locks , etc.

Customer Satisfaction And Feedback

Customer satisfaction is one of our most important values.

Customer satisfaction is measured with questionnaires conducted sporadically in the buses or during a tour. There is a contact form on our website which through we wish to get important information about the service.

All responses are processed immediately and we will contact the customer as soon as possible. Our goal is that the response is handled the same day. Any action are taken immediately .

We compensate the immediate damage to our customers that we caused by improperly or inadequate procedure. Refunds and compensation decissions are made on a case by case basis.

If there are any deficiencies in our customer service, we hope to get a response as soon as possible, it helps us to sort out the matter. The customer is always in our focus and gives us our direction – we want you to feel comfortable in our buses.

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About Friman Travel

Hangon Liikenne, Friman & Co is a family company founded in 1967. Hangon Liikenne has been a registered tour operator since 1995.

Our fleet

The bus fleet is modern and consists of eight buses. The smallest bus has 19 seats and the biggest 50.

Ask for an offer

Tell us more specifically what the travel plans are for your group and we will contact you with a tailored offer.