The bus fleet is modern and consists of eight buses. The smallest bus has 19 seats and the biggest 50. All buses except “The Old-Timer” from 1971 has air conditioning apparatuses.

Number 5, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (Atlas), 19+1 seats
Number 1, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (Starbus), 25+1+1 seats
Number 10, Scania K 340 (Irizar New Century), 49+1+1 seats
Number 3, Volvo B10M (Lahti Eagle 560), 49+1+1 seats
Number 7, Volvo 9700 H B12B (Carrus), 49+1+1 seats
Number 8, Volvo 9700 H B12B (Carrus), 49+1+1 seats
Number 4, "The Old-timer", Scania (Boxer), 45+1 seats
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About Friman Travel

Hangon Liikenne, Friman & Co is a family company founded in 1967. Hangon Liikenne has been a registered tour operator since 1995.

Our history

The founder of the corporation, Valdemar Friman, bought his first bus in 1939. During the Second World War, Valdemar did his service by using his bus as an ambulance.

Memorable moments

Here you can find images of charismatic figures and memorable moments in the history of Friman Travel.

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