Fiskars Village

  • Picture: Jani Kaila

“This is almost like going abroad” said a visitor from Helsinki. The neat surroundings, the well preserved buildings, the little creek with its rapids and the almost Central European flora make this village of 700 inhabitants a unique destination and the best known attraction in Western Uusimaa.

The birth place of the Fiskars corporation, the former ironworks, is today inhabited by artists, designers and handicraft professionals who also produce and sell their products in the village. In addition to the famous orange scissors, you will find unique products of various materials.

Most saturdays this summer there will be different events taking place at Fiskars Village. You can learn more about the events on the Fiskars Village website:

Departure from Helsinki, Kiasma museum bus stop 10:30 a.m.
Departure back from Fiskars at 4:00 p.m. and return to Helsinki ca 5:10 p.m.

Tour price:
€ 30.00 / adult
€ 10.00 / child, 4-17 years
€ 20.00 / senior citizens and students

- Transport. Please book latest at 12 o'clock one day before departure.

7.7, 14.7, 21.7, 28.7, 4.8, 11.8

Book your tour

You can book your tour:
by phone:
+358 19 2481 004

30 € / adult, 10 € / child 4-17 years, 20 € senior citizen

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